As most of my closest friends already knew, my full-time career as an engineer has recently lead me to a major crossroad. And now, after making some very tough decisions, here I am in Japan for at least one year to practice my profession. While for some, working abroad sounds very tempting, but for me, it means postponing and risking some of my long-term life plans.

So why did I do it?

Looking back at myself from two years ago, when I was a bum and with a lot of uncertainty about my future, I made a promise to myself that if ever there comes an opportunity where I can grow and become better at what I do, I’m going to embrace it and do my best. I saw it as one of those.

I honestly don’t know if it was really the wisest decision. But whether I’m correct or not, totally depends on me. As I’ve said, it was just an opportunity – a chance to excelsior. The result is still up to me.

I just welcomed the coldest new year of my life, away from home on a winter evening. As lonely as it may sound, but I do feel optimistic and excited on what’s ahead. After all, living in the beautiful country of Japan for one year isn’t really bad at all. And I look forward that my weekend adventures will continue at the land of the rising sun.

My dear readers, I hope that you see the coming year as an opportunity to become a better version of yourself. Whatever it is you’re aiming for, never feel that it’s already too late or you’re already too old to make that positive change. This is just the morning, and the sun is rising. Seize the day and enjoy! A blessed new year to you!




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