I have been to Nasugbu a number of times before and I can say I’m already well familiar with some of its beach resorts. But just recently, I’ve learned about an abandoned island resort lying west of this town. This one was new to me.

One of my joys in travelling is being able to explore new places. The possibility of finding something new and unique always thrills me. So when I finally had the opportunity to visit the island, I couldn’t be any more excited.

Fortune island is a 27-hectare land lying 14 kilometers from the shores of Nasugbu, Batangas. Boasting with cream to white sand beach, deep blue sea water and Grecian-them structures, it is a paradise not too far from the Metro.

This island was once an exclusive resort owned by the former governor of Batangas. What’s left of it today are ruins of its luxurious past.



How to get to Fortune Island

It was Sunday morning when we took a road trip to the town of Nasugbu. Traffic is usually heavy in Tagaytay on weekends. So from Manila we took the alternate route of CAVITEX – Soriano Highway. Just the drive by itself was already a visual feast.

By private transport – There are two main routes going to Nasugbu from Manila. The first one is via Tagaytay which can be reach through SLEX (Carmona or ETON exit) or Aguinaldo Highway. The second option is via Cavitex then Anterio Soriano Highway. You’ll by the towns of Naic, Maragondon and Ternate.

By public transport – Take Nassugbu-bound buses in Pasay (Edsa-Taft terminal). Fare is around P200-250. Travel time is roughly 3 hours.

Alight at Brgy. Bucana in Nasugbu. From there, ride a pumpboat to the island for P3,000 – 4,000. You can check the budget details below.


Sights and Scenes

We arrived at Brgy. Bucana at 10 in the morning. Here, we waited for our boatman whom we contacted prior our trip. He lead us to a resort where we could park our car. Fortune Island was already visible from afar.

  • Notes : The boat ride takes about forty five minutes from the coast of Nasugbu to Fortune island. During the afternoons, the waves become stronger and the return trip could take up to one hour.

As we draw closer to the island, the unique-looking structures atop the rocky island was already an eye catcher.


We hopped off our boat at around 11 AM. We were welcomed right away by one of the island’s personnel.

There are no cottages or rooms within the island where you can leave or secure your things. You just have to find your own spot among the ruined buildings or under the trees.

IMG_7467 Looking at the structures inside Fortune Island, you can conclude the types of guests it had back then. The helipad alone was a strong clue.


The far side of the island has a rocky terrain. From here you can see the alluring deep blue to turquoise sea water, inviting you to take a dive. There is a rope and concrete stairs to aid you to get back up, in case you’ve thought of jumping into the water.

Fortune Island

On top of Fortune Island are tall stone pillars and old statues – reminiscent of ancient Greece. These landmarks makes the place very unique.



The island’s cream to white sand shore is one of the best you’ll see near Metro Manila – very comparable to Boracay’s beach. Except this on is unspoiled and uncommercialized..


Fortune Island has been the location of choice among different engagement shoots. With its Greek-inspired structures, grand rock formations and simply breathtaking view of the sea, who wouldn’t fall in love with this place?



Fortune Island Day Tour Budget / Expenses 

P4000      – Boat (10 pax)
P300         – Landing Fee (day tour)
P200-300  –  Food
450           – Bus Manila-Nasugbu (and back)
~1400 per person for a group of 10

Notes / Tips

  • There are no stores within the island so don’t forget to bring your own food and drinks.
  • Waves becomes stronger in the late afternoon (4 pm onwards) making it unsafe for small boats. To better enjoy the island, arrive early.
  • Don’t leave your trash in the island. Bring your own trash bag.

Contacts Numbers

To make boat reservation, contact :

Tatay Dante – 09394895292

Tatay Boy – 09186962488

Joel – 09361276462

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