Miura is a city of Kanagawa Prefecture situated at the southernmost tip of the Miura Peninsula. Bordered by the Sagami Bay and the Pacific Ocean, it is one of the major fishing ports in Japan. Tuna or maguro is among Miura’s most popular catch. The city prides itself to have the freshest tuna in and around Tokyo area (although  theTsukiji Market in Tokyo is a worthy and very close challenger).

For people coming from Yokohama, Tokyo and other surrounding municipalities, Miura is a good weekend destination to have a break from the big city. Whatever you seek for on your getaway, chances are, you’ll find it in this humble city.

For the adventurous, a quick day hike to one of its peaks will ease their itch for the outdoors. Those who are craving for some sushi, the rows of restaurants along Misaki Port will definitely satisfy their glutton. The photo buffs will never run out of subjects, from old temples, early blooming cherry blossoms, to almost every local scene. But for those who just want to relax and unwind, a dose of Miura’s majestic seaside view will always be a good medicine.


How to get to Miura, Kanagawa, Japan

  • From Yokohama, take the Keikyu Line going to Misakiguchi Station. Fare is around 600 yen and travel time is more or less 50 minutes.

Miura Sights and Scenes

Kawazu Sakura of Miurakaigan

During late February to early March, Miura is a hotspot for cherry blossom (sakura) viewing. Kawazu zakura, a variety of cherry that blooms early in the spring season, paint the city with its vibrant pink color.

Miurakaigan Sakura

One of the best spots to view a sea of kawazu zakura is the long walkway from Miura-kaigan Station to  Komatsu ga ike Park. A thousand cherry blossom are lined up right beside the train track of the Keikyu Line, offering a magnificent view not just for the visitors but for the passengers as well.


The rapeseed (nanohana) blossoms under the kawazu zakura blooms at almost the same time. And when both are in full bloom, the pink and yellow stripes compliments each other perfectly – a spectacular sight to see.



Misaki Port

A thirty-minute bus ride from Misakiguchi station is one of Japan’s major fish ports. The Misaki Port of Miura is the drop-off point of many fresh catch from the country’s southern sea waters. There is a good variety of sea products available here but tuna (maguro) is what this port is famed for.

Misaki Port, Miura

Every morning, visitors can view and observe the tuna auctions which on its own is a very interesting show to watch – a chess match between dealers. Only professionals are allowed to participate in the auction but of course, visitors can always buy at the Urari market if they wish to bring home some of Miura’s fresh tuna.

Misaki Port, Miura


Jogashima Island

Jogashima is an island at the tip of the Miura Peninsula.  Directly facing the vast ocean, Jogashima Island features a stunning view of the Pacific sunset. With many good spots for sightseeing, a visit to this island can be good one day trip in itself.

Jogashima is connected to the Japan’s main island via a 575 meter bridge, once the longest in Asia. Reaching it by land travel is possible. From Misakiguchi one can ride a bus going to and from the island. But for someone who is not in a hurry, the best way to reach it is through a boat ride from Misaki port for 300 yen.IMG_0634

Jogashima is a relatively small island with just a square kilometer of land area. Exploring the whole island on foot is doable within one day. Hiking trails are available but walking along Jogashima’s coastline is definitely the way to go.

There are a few restaurants on the north side of the island where visitors can have a fresh seafood meal. Lighthouses can be found on the opposite end of the island, the Jogashima Lighthouse on the west and the Awazaki lighthouse on the east.


Awazaki lighthouse

Jogashima’s southern coastline has a rocky terrain with long stretches stiff cliffs on some portions. Not really the best place for swimming, but the stunning seaside view alone is more than enough to put Jogashima Island on your of list of future weekend trips.




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